What is Satsanga?
- Discover your True Self -
Satsanga is a gathering in truth

During Satsanga, one comes in touch with the true essence of Being.

In our weekly Satsanga, a talk/meditation takes place, easing the mind into silence so that space is allowed for self-realisation, beyond all mental blockages and programs. A space where we may leave behind all illusions of what we are not so that all limits and programs of ‘lack’ are replaced with the absolute realisation of the Infinite, Limitless and Perfect Self. 


Following the ‘talk’, questions from the Sangha (community) are answered by Sophia Tāra - the Q&A dialogue plays an essential role in the Satsanga Truth Gathering.


During the roadtrip, Satsanga will take place every day/evening in each of the four locations.
A Taste Of Satsanga
A leap of faitH

This short visual meditation was made from the teaching "A Leap of Faith". The teaching itself, Satsang, is originally two hours long with Q & A in the end from the Sangha. 


You can hear the whole teaching and many more teachings from our Satsanga Gatherings on our Patreon. 

Every Wednesday, Sophia Tāra and the Sangha gather for a weekly Satsanga Meeting via Zoom.



This meeting, a "date with Truth" is open to all. Donations or symbolic contributions are encouraged, and all earnings go towards the building of an Ashram and centre for self-sustainability, where our ever-growing global family can one day all fit.


The current project is fundraising to build a wooden Satsanga/Yoga/Tai chi Shalla and Gathering hall, as well as shared wooden tent structures to accommodate brothers and sisters, joining from all over the world. Please contact for more details on the project.

The entire library of previous Satsanga Gatherings can be accessed on Patreon.