What is Satsanga?

Satsanga is a reflection of what we are. When we leave aside the 'person' and stories of a separate identity who needs to be, do or become, there is space left to realise that which we truly, simply and already are. Exactly as we are.

Every Wednesday we share a Satsanga - a gathering in Truth

Next Satsanga Recording:

Wednesday, 30th November
Meaning of True Love
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During Satsanga

Satsangas are live gatherings. There is no time-cap on these sessions, varying from 1-3 hours depending on the flow, on the amount of people who turn-up & the Q+A.
Satsanga typically begins with a spontaneous meditation, a talk and then followed by Q&A.

Live Weekly Satsanga is FREE to attend for all, every Wednesday. Loving donations are more than welcome. The Complete Library of Initiations (HD video & audio recordings) from Sophia Tara's weekly live Satsangas can be found on Patreon with contribution.

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