What is Satsanga?

"Satsanga is a taste of what we truly are. When we are not busy filling our mind and heart with thoughts and emotions, there's suddenly space. Space for Truth to come. Space for Remembrance. It is a chance to discover our True being, and rise above and leave behind every single illusionary idea of what we think we are.

And what is left? 

Pure, raw essence; God. " 

- Words from a student

During Satsanga, one comes in touch with the
true essence of Being.

Every Wednesday, Sophia Tāra and the Sangha gather for a weekly Satsanga Meeting via Zoom.



In our weekly Satsanga, a talk/meditation takes place, easing the mind into silence so that space is allowed for self-realisation, beyond all mental blockages and programs. A space where we may leave behind all illusions of what we are not so that all limits and programs of ‘lack’ are replaced with the absolute realisation of the Infinite, Limitless and Perfect Self. 

Wake up

Following the ‘talk’, questions from the Sangha (community) are answered by Sophia Tāra - the Q&A dialogue plays an essential role in the Satsanga Truth Gathering. Questions of the mind get straightened out by the teacher. By asking questions, you allow the teacher to address the part of you that is still dreaming; the part of Self that still thinks that it is just a body and has an identity. To address the mind. Sophia Tāras only wish is for every part of this one collective consciousness to wake up from the illusion of separateness to their true being, by acting as a mirror in this world. A reminder of what we are and what we are not, to come back to Divine Love, Wisdom and Truth.

Taking part in Satsanga is to allow oneself to remember - to wake up from the dream. 

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We post teachings in form of videos, quotes and texts from our beloved teacher regularly.
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Because you are perfection itself. You are the One who manifests in all.

God, Self, Cosmic Intelligence, Truth, Love: You are That.

You simply forgot - and now it's time to remember.