The Sangha
The Soul Family


Is there a higher gift of Grace than to live near so many mirrors? Aside from the fact that as human beings we are invincible when united, the main benefit of living together as a Sangha community & family who follow the teaching, is that every single day and every single moment, we are faced with ourselves.

We are called to look deeper within, through each of the reflections that we call brothers and sisters.

In a blessed vow of Self Liberation to our own True Self, a vow to sacrifice ego at the altar of Love, we are brought to see every aspect of ourselves through the different exchanges brought up in daily life with brothers and sisters of the Sangha.


Through the "roughs and bumps" of daily life in different works and projects, we can see who we truly are.

It is easy to love in a meditation hall for a few hours, but can you love when it's raining, there is mud, you haven't eaten, you are digging, and your brother or sisters' behavior is lifting the veils of your lower nature? Can you still be grateful then? This is true Dharma practice. And a diamond is formed under pressure.


"When something in a brother or sister ignites our own anger, annoyance, sadness, jealousy, we must not be upset. We must instead bow in Gratitude, for this reflection of ourselves reveals to us yet another chain which we may free ourselves from in this moment alone. You hold the key to all your chains. Observe without judging and identifying. Remember that you are pure divine awareness in all its vast emptiness, and all else is but an illusion. On the other hand,

When we admire, love and bless the qualities in a brother or sister, we tend to resemble them

- since we cannot recognise in another what we do not have ourselves. Look around, admiring all the qualities in all of these reflections. Can you really believe, after seeing such a diversity of talents, qualities and perspectives, that you are lacking anything?"



Every Wednesday, Sophia Tāra and the Sangha gather for a weekly Satsanga Meeting via Zoom.


This meeting, a "date with Truth" is open to all. Donations or symbolic contributions are encouraged, and all earnings go towards the building of an Ashram and centre for self-sustainability, where our ever-growing global family can one day all fit.


The current project is fundraising to build a wooden Satsanga/Yoga/Tai chi Shalla and Gathering hall, as well as shared wooden tent structures to accommodate brothers and sisters, joining from all over the world. Please contact for more details on the project.

The entire library of previous Satsanga Gatherings can be accessed on Patreon.

The highest form of love is to liberate yourself from your own idea of yourself.

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