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Milano - Paris - Amsterdam - Berlin - Lisboa


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No external forces can control a free human being. And what does it mean to be Free?






A quick message from Sophia:

Beloved Brothers and Sisters, I bow in respect, and deeply honour each of your paths and journeys until today - you are true warriors & heroes if you have made it this far without losing your deep desire for Freedom. If you are reading message right now, you are a hero whether you realise it or not. Why? Because you strive for Freedom from the programming, in an age where submission is more popular. I wasn't planning to take a trip at all, especially so soon after the retreat. It just happened. You called it. And now, after feeling into it, I am simply responding to this calling.


The reasons are clear: Freedom & standing together as human beings, on a common foundation of Principle, during these times. We must remember and remind one another of what is truly important now. Time is of the essence. It is within our Unity and Collective Awakening, that our Freedom lies. I do want to get to you and I will. I only ask that you help to make this happen.


Based on the polls, most of you requesting this visit are based in Germany, the Netherlands & France. Since these countries are neighbouring, we want to visit all three. In order to make this happen, we need to raise € 4,000 to cover the road travel (Fuel & tolls for 2 cars and our caravan) both ways. From Greece to France, France to Netherlands, Netherlands to Germany, and then from Germany back to Greece through Italy. We chose road travel for reasons of practicality, and due to the measures.

UPDATE: After so many requests from Portugal, we will also travel to Lisboa for 3 days !


- You can contribute to our travels expenses here.

For contributions of 95€ or more you will have access to all gatherings.


- Attend one of the gatherings

The recommended donation is 20€. 

We wish to emphasise that each and every contribution makes a big difference towards supporting this movement. If you cannot afford the price of a ticket, feel free to donate whatever you can. You will also be able to contribute at the door.


Please send us an email if you have any questions or wish to pay at the door, so we can write you on the list to secure your spot. 




Other ways you can help to materialise this mission:

- Provide/help find a space for the gatherings (fits at least 50 people on pillows/yoga mats/chairs) by joining with other brothers and sisters from your country in the telegram groups below or send us an email with your suggestion. 

- Arrange to distribute flyers/promote/spread the word. You'll find the flyers here

- Any other way is welcome, just reach out to us.

- Join us in the telegram group of your country below and share whatever you have in mind. Every idea is more than welcome!


May this be the first of many meet ups together in person.

Additionally inspired donations:

Beyond travel costs, any additional donations received will go towards building the wooden Satsanga Shalla in our community, to be able to host events, retreats and talks in our home in the mountains of Geece. We wish to be able to fit every brother and sister who wish to join us for the sake of liberation and freedom.


October 2021
Friday 8th - 19:00     Saturday 9th - 19:00     Sunday 10th - 14:00

Address: 48 Boulevard Saint Michel 75006, Paris

For communication and questions, contact Cicci on Whatsapp: +31 652 632 529



October 2021
Tuesday 12th - 19:00     Wednesday 13th - 19:00


Address: Prinsengracht 489-2, 1016hp Amsterdam

For communication and questions, contact Cicci on Whatsapp: +31 652 632 529


October 2021
Friday 15th - 19:00     Saturday 16th - 19:00


Address: UHU BERLIN - Moosdorfstr. 7-9, 12435 Berlin


For communication and questions, contact Cicci on Whatsapp: +31 652 632 529




October 2021
Monday 18th - 20:00  Tuesday 19th - 20:00  Wednesday 20th - 20:00


Address: Restaurante Lapo, Rua Marechal Saldanha 26-28, Lisbon


For communication and questions, contact Cicci on Whatsapp: +31 652 632 529


Download flyers from city of choice and help spread the message!

Fellow human beings, time is of the essence. On the foundation of the Truth that the One manifests in All and All is One, we know also that everything always has been, is, and will be Perfect.


Having said that, it is important that we take our role in this manifestation of Life, and the only way to claim our Freedom is to align our principles with our actions. This may be the last time for a while that we can unite in person. Just as I am answering your call to meet, I call upon you to step up to your Freedom and prioritise it. The revolution does not begin with sign posts and graffiti. Nor is it with guns, shouting or memes. It isn't even enough to take to the mountains. True revolution is the decision to bring virtue into every moment of our life, and taking responsibility as a sovereign human being, for everything that is manifested around us. We are Free when we choose to not let our Freedom depend on external conditions. 

I will see you there.


Image by Zac Durant

10 days of Satsanga, in 4 countries, across 13 days.

With the purpose of re-igniting the fire of Truth, Freedom & Unity within the human family, beginning in the heart of Europe. The human collective is one body. This body cannot be free until all its cells (individuals) are free within.

Your contribution defines this journey !
How do you want to participate?
Which day(s) in Paris ?
Which day(s) in Amsterdam ?
Which day(s) in Berlin ?
Which day(s) in Lisboa ?

Thank you for choosing Freedom!