Lisboa 18th - 21th

Beloved Lisboa! From the moment we were blessed to enter the Sacred Land of Portugal, we all felt a deep shift which reflected the profound mysteries of this land. Sophia Tāra feels a deep Love for this country and feels very inspired by the Portuguese people, Warriors of Light who carry a truly Revolutionary Spirit.

On the first day, Sophia Tāra shared about her Love for the Land and the mysteries it holds. She shared about the revolutionary history of Greece and opened discussions about our Sacred Origins. Sophia Tāra emphasised that we are always inspired by our country’s virtues, and that we place and admire that above all else. Ultimately, we all long to know our Sacred Origins. We were blessed with a great and impenetrable field of Love and it was so humbling to see many Brothers and Sisters open their Hearts to our Beloved Teacher! The night held many magical moments which brightened our Hearts. Beyond history, geography and nationality, we all share Sacred Origins that connect us, since the One is in All, and All is One.

On the second day, Sophia Tāra shared about the mysteries contained within the human body, our Sacred Vessel, which according to the ancient mystics can truly be purified and alchemised and become a Sacred Temple to the Divine. By observing our thoughts and emotions, and offering these always to the Highest, we start to realise the true divinity of this vessel. We are temporarily given this human form to navigate and explore this earthly realm, and our responsibility in this life is to raise our body’s vibration through our thoughts and actions, in alignment with virtue. We were also blessed to hear gongs and to participate in a Sacred Meditation.

On the third day, Sophia Tāra discussed the nature of the mind, and how humans have come to place it as the king of our kingdom. In fact, our life should be guided from the space of a pure heart. While the mind supports us to navigate this realm, it should not be the ruler of our state of being and we must always remember that, ultimately, there is no proof that our thoughts even exist! We enjoyed a beautiful celebration with our Beloved Portuguese Brothers and Sisters, with many moments of inspiration. Sophia Tāra encouraged the participants to come together in community and to continue watching the weekly satsanga together every Wednesday night. Join us! You can find the Zoom link here.

Thursday 21st

Following three beautiful nights of satsanga in Lisbon, Sophia Tāra extended an invitation to all those present to join her and the Sangha on a Blessed Trip to Sintra. We have no doubt that many mysteries will be unlocked there, and that this marks the beginning of a beautiful lifelong exchange between ourselves in Greece, and our Soul Family in Portugal.

On this Sacred Day of 21 October 2021, we close the cycle of this first Blessed Road Trip and with humility, faith and gratitude, we open the door to many more adventures.

In the name of Divine Wisdom, Divine Truth and Divine Love, with the support of All the Sacred Masters: may All Beings, in All Universes, realise the Freedom we have always been, Now.

Om Tāre Tuttāre Ture Soha