Paris 8th - 10th

We gathered for our first satsanga of the Road Trip in beautiful Paris! It was wonderful to meet all the brothers and sisters and to feel the true meaning of Soul Family. Beloved souls who walk this Earth in true devotion and with inner clarity that we are the Light and that everything is, has always been and always will be Perfect. Sophia Tāra shared about the true meaning of revolution: in a culture which ensures that we are filled with insecurity and self-doubt, the highest form of rebellion is to break free from these shackles and realise our true Nature! Our essence as Divine Beings of Light who walk this Earth in service to the One.

On the second day, Sophia Tāra dived deeper into the topic of true Freedom, and reminded us all that whatever we recognise in others is a reflection of ourselves. All the beauty, magic, joyfulness that we seek outwardly can be found within. And similarly, any disharmonious events taking place in the ‘outer’ world can be traced back to our own lower nature. How can the supposed ‘outer’ world change if we do not first confront and transcend our inner lower nature? We do this by observing all of our thoughts and emotions with equanimity, without identifying ourselves with them. We remain committed to remembering the Truth that we are One with all that is, with each other and with the Divine.

On the third day, Sophia Tāra revealed the true meaning of Love. A love that sees the infinite beauty of another’s soul and their true divinity. A love that remembers that we are all, have always been and always will be Free and that honours this knowing in every moment. Sophia Tāra exposed how attachment has been understood to be love for far too long in our culture, and that it is only in non-attachment that we can truly Love and honour another Soul.

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