Berlin 15th - 16th

Hello Beloved Berliners! We are thrilled to hold our first satsanga at Urban Healing Unit this evening. The Road Trip has provided many gems of inspiration and initiation so far, which are each landing even more deeply in each of us. Truly, these teachings are part of a golden chain which land very deeply in all levels of the human being and unlock many mysteries.

On the first day, Sophia Tāra spoke about being awake in the dream - the dream of life and this collective projection that we call Reality. Can we remember that every experience within and without is nothing more than a dream of our own creation? If this is the Truth then we are each asked to take full responsibility for our day to day life. Sophia Tāra also spoke about the resistance many people feel towards the word God, which is nothing more than the truest essence of our being: we are pure divine nature whether we know it or not! Sophia Tāra touched on the important topic of guilt, and how this negative emotion prevents us from living fully in the present moment. This beautiful video by Sophia Tāra also covers this topic. Follow our journey on Zoom and on @journalofthesoul and @thetarasangha.

On the second day, Sophia Tāra spoke about society’s addiction to suffering and how this is expressed through many art forms that are greatly celebrated. What if we embraced harmonious music, joyful colours and positive affirmations? Sophia Tāra explained that many people in society suffer from the affliction that their pain makes them more unique or interesting, and therefore attach to these stories instead of living in the here and now. By focusing on cultivating virtues in the present moment, we can truly live.