Amsterdam 12th - 14th

Good morning Amsterdam! As we arrived in this peaceful city yesterday evening, Sophia Tāra shared about the beauty emanating from this city. As we walked along the harmonious canal, we felt a sense of openness and ease. We very much look forward to tonight’s satsanga here and to gathering in the celebration of this gift of life! We are blessed to be accompanied by who are bringing the most uplifting sounds to our ears. The sound of true remembrance.

In the evening, Sophia Tāra shared about the simplicity of consciousness - that no matter how many methods we have to reach deeper states of realisation, the Truth has always rested in simplicity. The remembrance that we are Pure Divine Nature in every moment, and the establishment of this remembrance with consistency, is the key to our liberation.

On the second day, Sophia Tāra shared about the importance of adopting a state of presence and observation of all thoughts and emotions, without entanglement or identification. By witnessing thoughts and emotions as they arise, without letting them enter the space of the heart, we ensure that we have a heart as pure as crystal and an intellect as clear as the Sun. There is no need to dive into and dissect each and every one of our thoughts and emotions, but rather to witness them and stay anchored in the remembrance of our true nature.

Sophia Tāra was so inspired by the openness and warmth of the people of Amsterdam that we decided to stay for another night of teachings!

On the third day, Sophia Tāra shared about the nature of the Eternal Sun, which is always shining no matter what outer circumstances may cloud our vision. Instead of remaining stuck in the phenomena of everyday life, we can anchor ourselves in the remembrance that the Eternal Sun is untouched and unchanged by everyday phenomena.