Music & sound can be the greatest weapon or the strongest tool for healing, depending on how it is used.

Through music, the human mind and heart can be directly touched, without needing to go through the filter of the conscious mind. It is one of the most important things that the human being needs to recognize, yet it is the most overlooked in todays society.


Everyday, the human being are exposing themselves to music: songs on the radio, commercials, sounds of the city, people talking, alarm clocks, phones ringing; all of these sounds are creating a vibration.



We know that cosmic information travels through frequency - vibration. Every sound that we hear carries information within it. That information can be harmonious or disharmonious, and today most of the music is completely out of alignment: it is disharmonious. The frequency has been changed from 432Hz to 440Hz. That alone is a subtle shift in frequency, hardly audible to the human ear, but it changes everything on a cellular basis. It completely throws the human system out of alignment. Emotionally, spiritually and mentally, because our bodies are primarily made of water. And the crystals of water store information. Every vibration that we are exposed to is stored in our bodies. 

Harmonious music is the way back to remembrance


Harmonious Music
In 432 Hz


432Hz verses 440 Hz

Common music is tuned to 440Hz which is very disruptive. This is seen in cymatic experiments with sand plates or with water. In 440Hz it is out of harmony: chaos. 432 is repeating the patterns and the harmony of the cosmos. It is reflecting the macrocosmos into your microcosmos, which is your cells.


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