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being nothing

What is there to seek if the one seeking does not exist?

Book Description:

Is it you who dwells within the physical body, or the physical body that dwells within you? Who are you?

Have you considered that there is no you?

In this short book of reflections, we open our heart to the essence of being nothing. To be nothing is to be everything - for the true self exists beyond all ideas of identity. The eternal and perfect self is beyond the idea of what ‘is’ and ‘is not’. It is beyond the idea of 'You' and 'I'. It is beyond the construct of 'past' and 'future'. It cannot become 'enlightened' for it was never made 'dark'. It never 'forgot' in order to need to 'remember'.

The true Self is beyond all perceived polarities of remembering, forgetting, light, dark, good or evil. It simply is. It is the one same awareness writing these words as 'Sophia', and the same one awareness reading them as 'You' - simultaneously, timelessly, eternally Perfect. Just as you are.

The mind is that which is enlightened. Which forgets. Which remembers.


The true being is already perfect and fully realised. It needs no descriptions or analysis. We are simply here to celebrate it, and watch it dance with itself through this reflection, as we wander even deeper into the wholesome emptiness of our being throughout these pages.

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