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Through music, the human mind and heart can be directly touched, without needing to go through the filter of the conscious mind. It is one of the most important things that the human being needs to recognize, yet it is the most overlooked in todays society.

We say that in the beginning was the Word. The Word is sound, and sound is music. So in the beginning was music. Everything is music, from the start to the end, from the end of the start; every single experience is music. Because music is the combination of vibrations and everything is vibration. Everything is energy. So we cannot talk about anything else before we clarify how important vibration is and how important music is.


And when I say music, I mean all sound, including the sounds that aren't heard by these ears. Meaning thoughts, intentions, actions, experiences. Evolution, nature. Absolutely everything is vibration. And that means it is music. Every single human being has their music. The entity, the formation of the entity, the frequency of your body of your thoughts of your intentions. This frequency is music, that's your song, which is individual to every single being. And within every single being, every single organ has its sound. Every single function has a sound.

And beyond the human being when we look out into nature, every single tree has its own individual music. Every leaf, every flower, everything, everything is a combination of frequencies. And that's why it's the basis of creation. That's why it's so important to understand the impact that sound has on our existence.

Because music, sound, is what touches the soul in a way that nothing else can.

"A sacred gathering where we touch the true being"

"Music & sound can be the greatest weapon or the strongest tool for healing, depending on how it is used."

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It's the sound and the silences that are speaking into the heart. It's the vibration that's speaking into the heart. That's why a song can say in three minutes, something not even three hours of speaking can say: it's because it goes into the soul.

Our bodies are primarily water. And water is completely defined by every frequency, it's completely receptive. It's a feminine element. So whatever is played around it or spoken around it, whichever music is played, in the form of words, thoughts, songs, sounds, nature, thunder; that actually goes straight into our bodies. It imprints our water, our cells. 

No harmonious music in 432hz is promoted anymore. The commercial tuning is 440, which was made standard after the Second World War. That means that it was changed ever so slightly, just to go slightly off track. It's an ever so slight, so subtle change, just enough that people can say there's no difference. But everything is different, because 432 Hertz is the standard tuning of the universe. It's the natural harmony of the universe, of all of nature, of the planets, of the spheres. It's the mathematics of this universe. It's the balance of this universe. So when you change that ever so slightly, that it's not noticeable to the ear. It sets everything off balance. slowly, gradually unnoticeably over time. 

 The common human mind is on a daily basis working completely out of tune.