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Divine Wisdom

The highest form of Love is to liberate yourself from your own idea of yourself.

You are Perfect and forever expanding.


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Why Living Together?

Is there a higher gift of Grace than to live near so many mirrors? Read about the Sangha here.


Weekly Meetings

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We gather every week for Remembrance of what we truly are.


Satsanga is a sacred gathering where we touch the true being. It is a space where we may leave behind all illusions and programs of 'lack', to Remember the Infinite, Limitless and Perfect Self.

The only separation between 'You' and 'others' is ego. In our weekly Satsanga, a talk/meditation takes place, where the mind can enter silent observation, allowing the realization of the Infinite Self, beyond ego and identity. Every talk is followed by a Q&A and live music in 432hz.


You don't have to do anything. Simpy come, as You are, and let the one who forgot, the mind, again Remember the Self. You are already Enlightened, You simply just forgot. 



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