Sophia Tara


Consciousness is simply playing hide and seek with itself.

Pretending to forget so that it may play the role of remembering again, through this form we call "I". We are pretending to "un-know" so that we may "know" again that we know nothing.


That is the beauty and comedy of this game we call life.
That which believes it 'knows' or 'doesn't know', is the mind - and the mind is simply a compilation of inherited, subjective illusions.


The 'enlightened' mind is the mind who realises this. But it is still... a mind. Enlightenment is only for the mind. In reality, there is no 'enlightened' or 'unenlightened' being - for enlightenment is purely a projection of the non-existent mind, forgetting and remembering what already is. 


There is nothing to seek, for we are already that - the one eternal flow manifested in perfection.


I know and am nothing, and therefore I know and am everything, for it is knowing that births the unknown and the unknown that allows knowing. And within all of this, I simply am.

In this space, we gather to play the role of the one remembering the self in stillness. Here, we may allow the illusions of the ego-mind and its limited identities to be observed, leaving nothing but what already is, beyond the conditioned mind.

Every key here plants a seed. When that seed is ready, it will sprout and bare its fruit. 


The Tibetan "A" from Dzogchen Buddhism

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There is nobody else but You, manifesting as different reflections of the same Self

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